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At Massage Chair Inc. in Brick, NJ, you'll find better prices then you'll find on the internet, 0% financing, and a unique selection of top performing massage chairs, from Infinity, Luraco, Ogawa, Osaki, Inada, Titan, and more!

Nick Fahmie and Margo Kuhn of Massage Chair Inc. are industry leading consultants.
Margo is a trained massage therapist, with a diverse medical background of 25+ years.
Nick is an expert technician with 35 years of diagnostic and service experience, which is extremely important, once your chair is out of warranty.

Massage Chair Inc. is a division of Air Speed Service Co.
We're NJ licensed and bonded, and our service team consistently provides our clients with 5 star service!

Please note, a thorough consultation can take anywhere from a half hour to 3 hours, depending on how many of our chairs you'd like to try.
Appointments are preferred but not necessary. 
See our Contact page for store hours.
Extended hours are available for your convenience.
Please call 732-201-7777 for more information, or to schedule your massage chair demo.

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