Our showroom has the very best selection of brand name massage chairs, that we've chosen over a 3 year period, of physically evaluating the massage chair market. 
We have a massage chair for everyone, with no-pressure sales, and better pricing for quality massage chairs, than you'll find on the internet or in any store. New massage chairs start at $2695-, and used massage chairs may be available.
0% financing is available for 18 months, or payments as low as $38- per month.

As important as finding the right chair, is having an experienced service tech available, to keep it in top condition, especially when it's out of warranty. 
We're NJ Licensed and Bonded with 35 years of diagnostic and repair experience, and have earned our outstanding reputation, since 1982. 
Our service techs provide our clients with expert diagnostics and in-home repair, delivery w/ in-home assembly, and relocation services if needed. We also have a network in place, to accommodate our long distance clients.

MCI is a family run business, headed by Nicholas Fahmie, an industry leading massage chair consultant and technician, and Margo Kuhn, a trained massage therapist and one of our massage chair consultants. 
You can reach us directly at 732-201-7777 for more information, or to schedule a massage chair demo. Appointments aren't necessary, but we do try to keep our demo's private. Thanks.

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