Massage Chair Buyers Guide

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Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

If you need a massage chair to do your own therapy, it's extremely important to make the right decision, the first time around.

This article was written, because purchasing the right massage chair can be a complicated process, and there are so many things that should be considered, that are often overlooked.

Try it before you buy it.

Anyone who needs a massage chair as an alternative to traditional physical therapy, and buys one without actually trying it, is doing themselves a great injustice.

If you don't feel comfortable in it, chances are you won't use it enough to benefit from regular massage sessions.

A massage chair has to fit your body's shape, size, and sensitivity level, and that can only be determined, by actually trying it.

Buying a massage chair without trying it, is like buying a pair of shoes, without trying them on.

If you've ever done this, you probably know that even though a pair of shoes appears to be the right size, they may not feel comfortable.

It's exactly the same, with a massage chair.

All massage chairs look great on paper, but...

Buy the chair, not the hype.

An advertisement or even a review, won't tell you how comfortable you feel in any massage chair.

Purchasing a massage chair because "the reviews look good", is the primary reason for customer dissatisfaction.

Low price, or Quality - You can't have it both ways.

There are 2 types of massage chairs on the market.

Quality massage chairs, and knock offs.

Knock-offs - Their ads use the same "quality" illustrations as quality massage chairs, and in the description, they appear to have the same features too, but that's where the similarity ends.

They're constructed using the cheapest components available, and the reliability, the feel, and the performance of these chairs may be less than desirable, 

More often than not, they're not available to demo.

Service - Even if stated in the ad, the support may not be there when you need it,

They may have appealing price points, but I promise, you'll get what you pay for.

Quality massage chairs are available for you to demo, in brick and mortar showrooms.

They're constructed using quality components, and they're designed for comfort, reliability, and have true therapeutic value. 

They have an established support network behind them, and if there's ever an issue, quality support should be available to you.

Your Massage Chair Budget 

To help you determine your massage chair budget, ask yourself the following questions: 

1 - How long would you like your massage chair last? 

There are chairs that may last a year, there are chairs that can last for decades, and anything in between. 

If you'd like your massage chair to last at least 5 years, it has to be constructed with quality parts.

2 - Will you use your massage chair as a therapeutic device?

If so, calculate the savings of monthly or annual massage therapy or chiropractor visits.

Factor in the time saved and the convenience, by doing your own therapy in your own home or office. 

This should all play a big part of how much you should be willing to invest in your massage chair.

Expect to spend at the very least, $2500- for a quality massage chair.

This is the starting point for a new massage chair that will give you everything you need, including foot rollers, which is needed for full body rejuvenation.

S-Track or an L-Track

Which is a better massage chair for you?

The advantage of an S-Track massage chair, is that the Stretch program can be more effective than an L-Track's, because the backrest of an S-track is a separate component from the seat, giving the design a greater range of motion.

The Stretch program helps with spinal decompression, which relieves the pressure between the discs, alleviating back pain and other compression symptoms.

The advantage of an L-Track, is that the roller mechanism has a substantially longer reach, traveling under the seat and relaxing more of your muscles and connective tissues, which is advantageous for Sciatica. 

L-Tracks also have a Stretch program and they do accomplish the task, but the actual stretch may not extend as far, because the backrest and seat are one component.

They both should have a waist twist/sway program, which helps to relax the muscles and connective tissues in the lower back.

The stretch and the waist twist both help to promote the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients into the lower lumbar region, so for best results, drink plenty of water after your session.

Floor Models

If you’re considering buying a floor model, consider where you’re buying it from. 

If you find one in a mall, chances are that it’s been used a lot, and at times without proper supervision.

The motors may have been subjected to hours of non-stop use without adequate cool down time.

If you find one in a privately run store, chances are it’s been used much less than a chair found at a mall, and it’s use has been properly supervised.

Choose your massage chair dealer wisely

Choosing the right dealer can save you thousands of dollars, years from now.

Most people don't think about a massage chair breaking down, until it does. 

A massage chair is like anything else. Parts and service will be needed at some point in time.

Many dealers claim to provide service, but more often than not, they provide service by using a 3rd party service company, which really can be hit or miss.

Your warranty is only as good the service person who arrives at your door.

We get calls on a regular basis, from people who can't find service for their massage chairs, even after they were promised great things when they were buying the chair.

About Massage Chair Inc. 

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