2017 Buyer's Guide

Massage Chair Inc. In New jersey, Sales and Service

Buying a massage chair off the internet without actually trying it, is like buying a pair of shoes without trying them on.

They might fit, but maybe not.

It's the same when buying a massage chair.

Choosing a massage chair based on the internet reviews, is the primary reason for customer dissatisfaction.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of making the time for a real massage chair demo.

Here are a number of things to consider, if you're shopping for a massage chair:

1 - Don't buy the hype!

All massage chairs look great on "paper", no matter what level of quality it really is.

Any massage chair can be promoted with impressive illustrations and descriptions, and labeled as "quality", no matter how cheaply it's made.

That, is marketing.

The reality is, that true quality comes with a cost, and there's just no way around it.

Massage chairs are like anything else, you WILL get what you pay for.

2 - Massage chair reviews

Reviews can give you an idea of what a massage chair has to offer, but a massage chair has to fit your body shape, size, and sensitivity level.

That will  be best determined by actually trying a a massage chair.

Massage chair reviews are not always what they appear to be.

Reviews and review websites, are both very effective marketing tactics that are used by many companies in all industries, including many of the reputable ones.

According to Manta, a small business marketing platform, "Overly technical language or word-for-word marketing lingo are signs the review might be illegitimate." or is written solely to promote the product.

#3 - Choose your massage chair provider wisely.
I can not stress enough, the importance of choosing the right massage chair dealer,
 because like anything else, parts and service will be needed at some point in time.

A massage chair dealer who has a full service department, is a much better choice over a dealer who simply drop ships chairs, and relies on a 3rd party service company, who can be hit or miss.

#4 - Beware of warranties that sound too good to be true.

We all know they saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Even if you're promised the world, with what seems like a super-duper, top-of-the-line warranty that makes you sleep good at night, you'll learn how good your warranty really is, when the time comes.

We do hear the stories.

Your warranty is only as good as the service person who arrives at your door.

#5 - Budget
Consider how much life you would like from your massage chair.

There are chairs that last a year, there are chairs that might last 5 years, and there are chairs that can last for decades.
Is this something that you'll be using as a therapeutic device on a regular basis?
This all should play a big part on how much you should be willing to invest.
Calculate the savings of your monthly or annual massage therapy or chiropractic visits, and include the convenience and time saved by doing your therapy in your own home or office.

On a personal note, I've been using massage chairs as part of my own personal routine since 2014, and haven;t needed to see my chiropractor since.

#6 - Comparatively shop.
Once you start to compare massage chairs, you'll find that there are massage chairs in all price ranges.
Don't expect the comfort, performance, or longevity of a cheap massage chair to be even close, to that of a quality massage chair.

Massage chairs are like anything else, you WILL get what you pay for.

Quality chairs cost more, but they offer more comfort, they're more effective as a therapeutic device, they're more durable and will last longer, and they'll have a legitimate support network behind them with readily available parts.

Quality massage chairs cater to the serious massage chair user, who will use their chair for therapy
Quality massage chairs are found in brick and mortar stores, and are available to demo, or to "test drive",

They have a legitimate support network behind it, with readily available parts.

Cheap massage chairs look good on paper, and appear to have all of the features found in more expensive massage chairs, but:...
- The feel of these chairs cannot compare to that of a quality massage chair.
- The performance of these chairs cannot compare to that of a quality massage chair.
- They're constructed using low cost components, hence the low price.
- The life expectancy of these chairs is relatively short, compared to a quality chair.
- Product support may not be there when it's needed.

Make the time to demo as many models as needed, until you find one that feels "just right".
Even if a chair is recommended by someone you know, what feels great for one may not for another, due to your anatomical differences.

A massage chair is is something you should have for a long time, and you'll want to make the right choice.

#7 - S-track or L-Track
Is an S-track or an L-track a better massage chair for you?
The advantage of an S-track, is that the stretch program can be more effective than an L-track's, because the backrest is a separate component from the seat.
The stretch program should perform a spinal decompression, which helps to relieve pressure between the discs, which alleviates back pain and other compression symptoms.

The advantage of an L-track, is that the roller massage has a much longer reach, and covers more area.
The roller mechanism reaches from the neck, and travels under the seat, massaging approximately 35% more area than an S-track.
L-tracks have the stretch program too, but they won't stretch you as well as an S-track.

They both should have a hip twist/sway function, which promotes spinal decompression.

When combined with the stretch modality, this will help to take the pressure off your discs, which helps to relieve pain.
This also helps promote the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrient-rich fluids into the affected discs, which accelerates healing.

Based on my own personal experience with back pain and sciatica, I have better results on an L-track because of the longer reach of the roller mechanism.
It relaxes more of the muscles and connective tissues surrounding the sciatic nerve.
Note: This is a personal preference, and my personal preference only.

#8 - Floor models

If you're considering buying a floor model, consider where you're buying it from.
If you find one in a mall, chances are that it's been used alot, used at times without proper supervision, and may have been subjected to hours of nonstop run time without adequate cool down.
If you find one in a privately run store, chances are it's been used much less than in a mall, and that its use has been properly supervised.

OK, now for our sales pitch!

Here's what we have to offer, as your massage chair provider:

#1 - We're a family run business, and are well known for our quality products and expertise, our honesty, and going the extra mile.
#2 - We know massage chairs, inside and out, and have precise answers to your questions.
#3 - We' actually service what we sell, and you can rest assured, that any issues are handled by our top-rated technicians.
#4 - Maintaining our reputation has always been our 1st priority, since 1982.
%5 - Our showroom is loaded with a wide range of quality massage chairs, by Infinity, Luraco, Osaki, Ogawa, and Titan, and our prices are the best in the business,guaranteed.

Massage Chair Inc, is a division of Air Speed Service Co.
We have 35 years of expert diagnostic and repair experience. 

We service what we sell, and if there's ever an issue with your massage chair, just call us and we'll take it from there!
Whether you're local or long distance, you're in the best of hands, and you'll be well taken care of, for as long as you own your chair!

We offer Free Delivery, 0% financing, Low payment plans, Lay-away plans, and Zero-pressure sales.

Our showroom is about 5 minutes from GSP exits 90 and 91, at 1692 Route 88 in Brick, NJ 08724.
Appointments are available at your convenience, and you can reach us at 732-201-7777 for more information.

Thanks for taking the time,
Nicholas Fahmie - President - Massage Chair, Inc.