The Ultimate Team @ Massage Chair Inc.

#1 in massage chair customer service!
Margo Kuhn and Nick Fahmie, the proprietors of Massage Chair Inc., are the ultimate team, when it comes to the knowledge of massage therapy and therapeutic massage chairs.

An industry leading consultant, Nick Fahmie's qualifications include 35 years of electro-mechanical diagnostic and service experience, and also 25 years of dealing with back pain and sciatica, from bulging L3 and herniated L4 discs, along with degenerative disc disease.

He knows massage chairs and the massage chair market like no other, after traveling coast to coast and anywhere in-between, to personally test and assess, just about every massage chair on the market. 
His reason for doing this, was to evaluate and select a variety of quality massage chairs, in various price ranges, that met his own standards mechanically, and that also provide the user with true massage therapy.

Margo is a talented massage chair consultant.
She's very knowledgeable in the human anatomy, being a trained massage therapist, and having 25+ years in the medical profession.

Client Dedication - by Nick Fahmie
If I were to sum up the type of relationship that we have with our clients, in one word, it would be loyalty
When someone chooses us to be their massage chair provider, I take it as a personal compliment, and this is where our loyalty begins.
We do everything in our power to take care of our clients, and here are 2 perfect examples.

We've traveled from Brick, NJ, to Boston, Mass. and separately to Pittsburgh, PA, to take care of our clients.
Ethan was moving, and he couldn't find anyone that he was comfortable with, to relocate his massage chair to his new digs.
Sean needed his massage chair delivered and assembled before Christmas, and the company who normally handles our long distance White Glove Service, was booked beyond Christmas at the time of the order.
We made it happen for the both of them.
Now, I'm not writing this piece to pat ourselves on the back.
That's not my style.
It's to show, that our level of client dedication, along with everything you've read, is so much more than just "words on a web page".
Nicholas Fahmie - President - Massage Chair, Inc.

My own back issues
I've been dealing with back pain for the past 25 years or so.
The first time that I tried a massage chair, other than the ones at the mall, my own personal results were so amazing, that 5 months later we opened the doors to Massage Chair Inc.

Since then, my pain levels have gone from a daily average of 4 - 8 back in 2014, to 0 - 4 in 2018.
The only reason that it starts to climb, is if I haven't been consistent with my exercise and massage routine. 
Nicholas Fahmie - President - Massage Chair Inc.

Our Staff
"Collectively, our staff is the most talented, diverse, and positive thinking group of people that I have ever been associated with".  
Nicholas Fahmie - President - Massage Chair, Inc,

Margo Kuhn - Margo is a trained massage therapist, and is locally well known in the medical profession as a medical assistant and top phlebotomist, prior to joining our team at Massage Chair Inc..  
Margo is very knowledgeable in the human anatomy, and is one of our massage chair consultants.
She also manages our sales and marketing.

Tim Koenigsmark - Tim spent 14 years in retail and customer service management prior to joining our team, and has trained as a mechanical technician for the past 4 years, under Nick Fahmie.

Tim is one of our salesman, and is an excellent massage chair technician.

John Jackson - John is also an avid auto mechanic, always tinkering with his trick trucks during his off time.

John brings his mechanical experience, his hard work ethics, and his positive outlook on life to Massage Chair, Inc.

John also is an excellent massage chair technician.

Nicholas Fahmie - Nick has personally evaluated and reviewed most of the massage chairs on the market, by traveling the country on a regular basis, to stay current with the new developments in the industry. 

Nick is an industry leading consultant, an expert massage chair technician, and is president of Massage Chair, Inc.