About Massage Chair, Inc.

#1 in massage chair customer service!
We offer a wide range of quality massage chairs at the best possible prices, because we feel that anyone who can benefit from using a massage chair, should own one!

Our Staff
"Collectively, our staff is the most talented, diverse, and positive thinking group of people that I have ever been associated with".  
Nick Fahmie - President - Massage Chair, Inc,

Margo Kuhn - Margo is trained in massage therapy, and has been in the medical profession for the past 25 years.

Tim Koenigsmark - Tim has 14 years in retail and customer service management, and has trained for the past 4 years under Nicholas Fahmie.

Tim is an excellent massage chair technician.

John Jackson - John is also an avid auto mechanic, always tinkering with his trick trucks during his off time.

John brings his mechanical experience, hard work ethics, and positive outlook on life to Massage Chair, Inc.

Nicholas Fahmie - Nick has 35 years experience servicing electro-mechanical equipment, which includes the repair and maintenance to MRI, PET, and CAT scan mobile medical trailers.

His experience also includes the installation, service, and repair to commercial and residential plumbing, heating and cooling equipment, and well water pumping systems and controls.

Nick is a highly qualified massage chair technician.