Client testimonials.

  • Thanks very much to everyone, for taking the time!
    We've always gone above and beyond, to do the right thing by people, both on a personal level, and in business.
    This is how we live, which is why we have the reputation that we do.  
    Margo Kuhn & Nick Fahmie
    Massage Chair, Inc.
    Google Review from Baker McColley
    Love this chair. I have one in my office and use it everyday. I'm spoiled. I've even went to work on my days off just to use it. Great customer service.

    Response from the owner:
    Hi Baker, this is a great testimony about the Cradle's therapeutic effectiveness. 
    Having back problems myself, I can appreciate what it would take, for you to go to the office on your days off. 
    Thanks for your comment too, about our customer service. 
    We do give it our best, at all times! 
    Nick Fahmie
    Mar 26, 2016