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Massage Chair, Inc. - 3/29/2017
Were gearing up for this years summertime shows.
For now, we're scheduled to be at:
Offshore Powerboat Association's Point Pleasant Beach Grand Prix, on the weekend before memorial day, May 19 - 21.
Soulsational Festival Health & Wellness Fair in Bayville, NJ on July 29, 2017
Massage Chair, Inc. - 1/19/2017
Waist Twist/Sway & Stretch, Extend, or Extension programs, are probably the most underrated programs of a massage chair.
These programs are of utmost importance, because they actually help with spinal decompression, which relieves the pressure between the discs, which alleviates back pain and other compression symptoms.

The hip twist/sway function, when combined with the stretch, helps to alter the position of the spine, which also takes the pressure off your discs, and helps to release the pain.

Spinal decompression may also help promote the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrient-rich fluids into the affected disks, which accelerates healing.

Massage Chair, Inc. - 12/25/2016
Massage Chair, Inc. - See some of what we've accomplished in 2016. 
Turn up the volume!
Massage Chair, Inc. - 11/27/2016
Massage Chair, Inc. in Toms River, NJ, has massage chairs on sale not only for the Christmas holidays, but every day too! 
We offer the lowest everyday prices on all of the massage chairs that we have on display, and feature only the best massage chair models from Luraco, Infinity, Osaki, and Titan. 
We have a model that fits everyone's body size and shape, and cater to assorted budgets too!

We stock our own premium L-track massage chair, the Boncare K19,
The K19 is a premium, top shelf massage chair, that lists for $4995-, and we sell for $2995-, which is a very low price for a massage chair of this caliber. 
It's available in Cocoa Brown and Executive Black, is extremely well made, and is constructed using the highest quality components. It comes with a 7 year limited warranty too!
Massage Chair, Inc. - 11/10/2016
Common Back ailments - In alphabetical order.
Our massage chairs are an excellent form of physical therapy and non-pharmaceutical pain relief.
If you're reading this article, chances are you, or someone you care about is experiencing back pain, and are seeking relief. If that's the case, the following may help you identify cause of your back pain.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Spinal arthritis, which is also called degenerative joint disease, is the breakdown of the cartilage between the facet joints in the spine, leading to low back pain.

The facet joints are the joints in your spine that make your back flexible and enable you to bend and twist.

Nerves exit your spinal cord through these joints on their way to other parts of your body. Healthy facet joints have cartilage, which allows your vertebrae to move smoothly against each other without grinding.

Back Pain in Children

Kids and teens may experience back pain too, stemming from something simple like aggressive play, a heavyl back pack, or it could be something more serious such as an infection, or even a tumor.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Most patients with degenerative disc disease, if diagnosed early may not experience pain for years, and may be able to delay the onset of back pain, with the proper physical therapy.

will experience low-level but continuous back pain that will occasionally intensify and can become severe.

Physical therapy is imperative to naturally lessen or ward off subsequent back pain.


Chronic back pain or neck pain can lead to feelings of despair, hopelessness, and other symptoms of depression.

Depression can develop due to interrupted sleep patterns, leading to fatigue and irritability. Having difficulty with movement, they often move cautiously, and often spend most of their time at home, away from others, leading to social isolation and a lack of enjoyable activities. Sexual activity can often be the last thing on the person’s mind, which can lead to more stress in their personal relationship.
  • The ability to work can be impaired, which can lead to financial difficulties that can impact the entire family.
  • The pain can also be distracting, and can lead to memory and concentration difficulties.


Fibromyalgia (FM) affects over  7 million people in the USA, FM is a chronic musculoskeletal pain syndrome, which can first show up as pain and around the joints in their neck, shoulders, back, and hips, and can progress into widespread pain over the entire body. FM patients can also suffer from tension headaches, fatigue, stiffness and sleep disorders. There are documented cases that are so severe, that the individuals spend entire days in bed.

Lyme's disease should be ruled out as part of the Fibromyalgia diagnosis, as the symptoms are quite similar.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc can occur when the disc is subjected to too much strain, usually by lifting injuries, although disc degeneration can play a role too.

The inner gel of the disc leaks out, and applies pressure to the nerve, leading to back, leg, or arm pain.

Leg Pain

When the nerves exiting the spine in the lower back are pinched, the pain may extend down the leg.

A pinched nerve can also cause tingling, numbness, or weakness.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by muscle strain or whiplash, but also can be caused by spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, or other medical conditions.

Osteoporosis and Spinal Fractures

Fractures in the spine can medically be caused by osteoporosis, which is a condition in which bones lose structural integrity and become brittle.

This is often caused by loss of calcium, or can be a side effect of the severe overuse of steroidal medications.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

The joint between the base of the spine and the hip does not normally have much movement, but any change in the joint may cause lower back pain and/or leg pain.


The sciatic nerve exits the lower spine, and carries information between the brain and the legs.

When a lower back problem causes sciatic nerve compression, pain can radiate down the leg and even into the foot.

More about sciatica in the following section.


Scoliosis is an abnormal side-to-side curvature of the spine, and develops mostly in adolescents, but can also be caused by aging and arthritis.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is when a part or parts of the spine narrows, which can lead to the compression of a spinal nerve or the spinal cord in the neck.


Spondylolisthesis occurs when one vertebra in the spine slips forward over the one below it, which will cause lower back pain and/or leg pain. It commonly occurs in the lower spine.

Upper Back Pain

Pain from the thoracic region of the spine, is less common than from the cervical or lumbar spinal regions.

Muscle issues and pinched nerves are the most common problems in the upper back.

10/7/2016 - Massage Chair Buyer's Guide - Revised for 2017

We've put this guide together and pinned it to the top of our page, because it has very important information to help simplify the massage chair research process, and educate anyone who's new to massage chairs and is considering buying one.

In order to make your massage chair experience, the best experience possible, please consider the following:
# 1 - Is an S-track or an L-track, a better massage chair for you?
The advantage of an S-track, is that the stretch program can be more effective, because the backrest is a separate component from the seat.
The stretch program actually performs a spinal decompression, which helps to relieve pressure between the discs, which alleviates back pain and other compression symptoms.

The advantage of an L-track, is that the roller massage has a much longer reach, and covers more area.
The roller mechanism reaches from the neck, and travels under the seat, massaging approximately 35% more area than an S-track. 

L-tracks have the stretch program too, but they simply do not stretch as well as an S-track.

They both should have a hip twist/sway function, and when combined with the stretch, this helps to alter the position of the spine, which takes the pressure off your discs and helps to relieve the pain.
Spinal decompression may also help promote the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrient-rich fluids into the affected disks to accelerate healing.

Based on my own personal experience with back pain and sciatica, I feel that I have better results on an L-track because of the longer reach of the roller mechanism.
It relaxes more of the muscles and connective tissues surrounding the sciatic nerve, and even though the stretch is not as intense as that of an S-track, I find it adequate enough to do the job.

Note: This is a personal preference, and my personal preference only.

# 2 - Comparatively shop.
Quality massage chairs cater to the serious massage chair user, who will use their chair on a daily basis and needs massage for the health benefits.

Quality massage chairs are found in brick and mortar showrooms, and are available to demo, or to "test drive".
They have a legitimate support network behind it with readily available parts, in case it's ever needed.
They're built using quality components that may be endorsed by testing facilities such as UL and CE, and they're built better, offering more comfort, durability, and longevity.

There are many inexpensive massage chairs on the market too, but as with anything else, you'll get what you pay for.
The're constructed using the least expensive components, which allows for a low price point.

Chances are you'll find them online only, and there are reasons for this.
They look good on paper, and appear to have all of the features found in more expensive massage chairs, but:...
- The feel of these chairs cannot compare to that of a quality massage chair.
- They're constructed using low cost components, hence the low price.
- The life expectancy of these chairs is relatively short, compared to a quality chair.
- Product support may not be there when it's needed.

We actually bought one of these chairs to test, before we invested in our showroom selection. We chose it, because of the low price, and because it had hundreds of favorable reviews, but it also had quite a few unfavorable reviews, and the content in these reviews was pretty intense.
More about "reviews" coming up next.

Our problems with this chair started after the 4th session, and we found the "warranty" and the "customer support" to be non-existent, aside from our initial phone call being answered.
Our conclusion, which is based on our experience, on the content and intensity of the unfavorable reviews, and also a few conversations that we've had with our clients, low priced massage chairs typically hold up, for up to 1 year.
Maybe less and possibly longer, if lady luck is with you.
Trust me, if you're serious about your massage chair, It's not something that you want to replace on a semi-regular basis.

#3 - Massage chair reviews - Weed out "stacked" reviews.
Reviews can be very effective when used as a marketing tactic, and this tactic is used by many companies that sell online. Even some of the good companies use this tactic.
It's easier said than done, but try to read between the lines, to decipher the legitimate reviews from the "stacked" reviews.
One thing that I can't stress enough, is that buying a massage chair solely on it's reviews, can be a very costly proposition for you.
The best thing that you can do, is to take the time to demo as many models as you need to, until you find one that feels right, because this is something you should have for a long time.
Depending on your location, there may be a fair amount of travel involved, because there are not many stores out there that have a good selection of massage chairs
I promise you, the travel will be worth it.

#4 - Floor models - If you're considering buying a floor model, consider where you're buying it from.
If you find one in a mall, chances are that it's been used alot, at times without proper supervision, and may have been subjected to hours of nonstop run time without adequate cool down.
If you find one in a privately run store, chances are it's been used much less than in a mall, and that its use has been properly supervised.

# 5 - Costs - To give you an idea of where the price point of a quality massage chair starts, I'm going to share some expenses with you.
These are real expenses that must be accounted for on our end, when calculating the actual dealer cost of a massage chair, and the total selling price of that same massage chair.

Shipping costs. There's the cost of overseas shipping to get the chair into the USA, and then there's the cost of shipping the chair to the end user.
Depending on your location (in the lower 48 states), I would estimate the shipping costs both ways, to average between $400- minimum, to $800- plus, per chair.

Add business overhead expenses, such as business taxes, insurances, rent, utilities, labor, and advertising.
Again, these are real expenses that must be accounted for on our end, and does not include the actual cost of the chair itself, or any profit.

I've always said this, and I still stand by this.
IMHO, if you want a high quality, reliable, zero gravity massage chair with many of the features found in more expensive massage chairs, plan on spending at least $2500- new.

# 6 - Budget - A quality massage chair is an investment that should last for many years, and possibly decades.
When evaluating your massage chair budget, include the convenience, the time, and the money saved by not needing to go to a chiropractor or a massage therapist.

On a personal note, I've had back issues for the past 25 years.
My diagnosis includes disc degeneration, and a bulging and herniated L;s 3 & 4.
I've been using massage chairs for almost 2 years as part of my own personal routine, and the thought of making a chiropractor appointment, hasn't even crossed my mind.

# 7 - Choose your massage chair provider wisely.
I can not stress enough, the importance of choosing the right massage chair dealer.
IMHO, this is almost as important as finding the right massage chair, because like anything else, parts and service may be needed at some point in time, and without the proper support network, an issue with massage chair can turn in to a replacement before it's actually needed.

Even if you're promised what seems like a super-duper, top-of-the-line warranty, the warranty is only as good as the actual service provider behind it.
Did you ever have insurance or a warranty that sounded great, only to find out that when your warranty was needed, you were told why the warranty was not going to help?... I have.
It's extremely important to read the terms, conditions, and the fine print.

I've heard too many stories, about massage chairs that just sit there idle and collecting dust, due to lack of service.

# 8 - What we're about at Massage Chair, Inc.
Massage chairs are our passion.
Not only because it's our business, but due to our own medical conditions, massage chairs are part of our own personal routines too.

Our prices can't be beat, and when it comes to service, we're licensed and bonded with 34 years of diagnostic & repair experience!

If there's ever an issue with your massage chair, you'll receive our own brand of top quality service without the runaround, because in our everyday lives, we honestly treat people the way we like to be treated.

See for yourself and check our reviews, plus, you won't find 1 online complaint, ever!

Note: If you need assistance making the trip to our showroom, please let us know.

#9 - Here's what we have to offer, as your massage chair provider:
- We service what we sell, and we provide exceptional massage chair service.
- Our support team is at your disposal for the life of your massage chair.
This is extremely important, especially when it's out of warranty.
- We have 34 years of experience in electro-mechanical service & repair, and if there's ever an issue with your massage chair, we'll be right here for you, with our own brand of top quality service.
- We're real people, who'll treat you the way we like to be treated!
Read our testimonials at
- We usually have 10 specifically selected models in our showroom to choose from. We have zero-pressure sales, and our prices can't be beat!
- We only sell top quality, serviceable massage chairs with readily available parts, just in case there is ever an issue.
- We occasionally sell discounted floor models, to make room for newer models.
- We also offer 0% financing, or low interest payments starting at $25- per month.

- If you have preference to a particular massage chair that you don't find on our website or our showroom floor, chances are we can give you a great deal on that too, and you'll still have our support team at your disposal, for as long as you own the chair!

Our pricing currently starts at $2695- for new, and we occasionally have floor models for sale, starting at $1795-.

Thanks for taking the time, and please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to make your appointment for your massage chair demo.

Note: A massage chair demo can take between a half hour, to 3 hours, depending on how many of our chairs you'd like to try.

Appointments are very much preferred, so that we both have the time.

Nicholas Fahmie - Massage Chair, Inc. - Toms River, NJ

8/16/2016 - Massage Chair, Inc. at the 2016 NJ Builders Expo at the Meadowlands
We'll be setting up 3 of our massage chairs today, for the 2016 NJ Builder Expo at the Meadowlands, in Secaucus, NJ. Come try out the Luraco i7 which is a 3D S-track massage chair, The Infinity IT-8500 X3, which is also a more affordable S-track massage chair, and the Boncare K-19 massage chair. which is an incredibly valued 47" L-track massage chair.

Nick Fahmie - Massage Chair, Inc. - Toms River, NJ
34 years of service experience.
You get what you pay for.
I see these extremely inexpensive massage chairs being sold online, and there have been a lot of them sold!
I've read the reviews, of which there are a lot of positive ones.
IMHO, reviews can be a pre-fabbed marketing tactic, period
If you read between the lines, you'll see that many of them are written within a short period of time of getting them.
Many are very generic in nature.
Then there are the ones that express the frustration of pre-mature breakdowns  the lack of customer support, or even being able to get replacement parts.

If you notice, these massage chairs will never be found in a retail location, where someone could actually go to have a face to face with the massage chair "dealer".

A massage chair is an investment, and if you're shopping for a massage chair you'll want it to last for many trouble-free years. 
If there is ever an issue with it , you'll want be able to have it serviced.
I personally assure you, that if you spend the least amount of money on a massage chair, you'll get the least amount of the whole massage chair experience.
Massage chairs are like anything else. They can have breakdowns, and hopefully the one you choose, will be from a real massage chair dealer, and  highly reputable company with a physical retail location.

Nick Fahmie - Massage Chair, Inc. - Toms River, NJ
34 years of service experience.
Announcement - We are the factory direct importers of the new Boncare K19 massage chair. 
The K19 is a premium, space saving, L-track massage chair, with all of the features that anyone could want in a massage chair. The quality of the K19 is comparable to any other premium, top of the line massage chair that I've evaluated, and I have tried them all. 
The Boncare K19 is a top quality commercial grade, auto 3D massage chair, with a 47" L-track, and a 64 air massage system that has been certified for reliability and longevity by SGS, the Switzerland based company which provides inspection, testing and certification services.
7 of the most important components, including their motors, circuit boards, and even their drive belts, have been tested and approved by testing laboratories comparable to UL, in the United States.
It's smooth, it's quiet, the massage has a great feel to it,  and I've run it for hours on end, without it skipping a beat.
It also has a great sounding Bluetooth sound system that will play your favorite music through high quality speakers, which adds to your overall relaxation experience.
The rollers reach well into the crook of the neck, and when listening to your favorite music, the complete experience helps to ease the day's stress, and promote total relaxation.  
The foot massage includes adjustable foot rollers, and an air massage that envelops your legs and your feet, including massage to your Achilles area.
It also has a custom height adjustment, that adjusts the roller stroke for anyone from 5 foot zero to 6 feet 2.
The build of this chair is top notch, as Boncare has demonstrated the pride the put into the quality of their products.

I know that this chair would easily retail in the $5000- range anywhere, but being the importer of this massage chair, there is no middleman.
We are buying directly from the manufacturer, and are passing that savings on to you!.
If an L-track is your choice of massage chairs, I highly recommend this one, for top quality, and savings.

Nick Fahmie - Massage Chair, Inc. - Toms River, NJ
34 years of service experience.
6 18/2016 - Massage Chair - Service, Repairs, and Warranty issues.
A warranty, even a Super-Duper Warranty, is only as good as the company providing the actual service.
I dare to say, that many of us have learned that - the hard way.

I highly recommend to anyone buying a massage chair:
#1 - Realize that it may need service at some point.
#2 - In this industry, a qualified service tech is very hard to come by.
#3 - Whoever you buy from, should be responsible for future service, whether it's still under warranty or not.
#4 - Research the Name of the Company, who will actually perform your massage chair repair or service, if and when that time comes. Any massage chair dealer should have that information, and if they don't...
#5 - FULLY research the service company's qualifications and track record.
There are service companies of ALL calibers, in every field. - See #2.

Trust me, I've heard the stories.
Buying from the right company, WILL save you a world of stress, years from now, and that's what this is all about, right?

Nick Fahmie - Massage Chair, Inc. - Toms River, NJ
34 years of service experience.
5/23/2016 - Massage Chair, Inc. - Blog - Massage Chair Buyer's Guide.

Your Massage Chair Buyer's Guide

I hear all too often, that this chair or that chair, is the best.
I cannot stress to anyone enough, do not buy a massage chair based on someone's recommendation only.
What feels right for one, may not for another, as everyone's body size and shape is different.

You can take a chance and order one on the blind, then send it back if you don't like it, but that's typically a one time deal, and it can be costly, if the least bit of damage occurs to the massage chair.
Plus, it's labor intensive for all parties involved.

In order to choose your massage chair wisely, I recommend the following:

1 - Think about your budget, and about how much money you'd like to spend on this investment that can last 10, 20, 30+ years?

2 - Take the time and do the research, and focus on the massage chairs in your price range that works for you.
There are so many models out there, and being able to narrow it down according to your budget, will simplify the process.
I've always said that you need to spend at least $2500- for a good quality massage chair, and I still stand by that.
There are a few of the newer models that have been priced under $3000-. The quality appears to be there, and they have many of the same features as the more expensive models.

3 - Start thinking about an S-track verses an L-track massage chair. The advantage of an S-track, is that their stretch program can be more effective, due to the back of the chair being a separate component from the seat.
3D technology is also much more common to an S-track massage chair.
The advantage of an L-track, is the roller massage has a longer reach. The roller mechanism will reach from the neck, to the glutes, which can be very beneficial after a long hard day, where everything hurts!.

4 - 'Test drive' your massage chair.
Depending on your whereabouts, there may be a fair amount of travel involved, because there are not many stores out there that have a good selection of massage chairs.
IMHO, this is the most important part of the process, because the last thing you'll want is a massage chair that doesn't feel right, or deliver the kind of massage that you're looking for.

5 - Decide where your priority should be....
A) Finding the very best deal on Planet Earth.
B) Finding a dealer who will actually service what they sell.

6 - Realize this, a Super-Duper Warranty with the best of intentions, is only as good as the service person who shows up at your door, and in this industry, qualified technicians are far and few between.

7 - Think beyond the sale,
A) - Realize that your chair may need service at some point.
B) - Whoever you buy from, should be responsible for future service, whether it's still under warranty or not.
C) - Research the Name of the Company, who will actually perform your massage chair repair or service, if and when that time comes.
Every massage chair dealer should have that information, and if they don't.......
D) - FULLY research the Service Company's qualifications and track record. See what type of service do they specialize in?
There are "service" companies that deliver and assemble furniture, and don't take for granted that they won't be the company assigned to you.
E) - In this industry, a qualified service tech is very hard to come by.

Owning the right massage chair can be an amazing thing, and I promise you, that buying from the right company, will save you a world of stress years from now.
After all, that's what this is all about, right?.

Nick Fahmie - Massage Chair, Inc. - Toms River, NJ
34 Years of service experience.

Happy Mother's Day! To all of our Mom's that are here, and to all of our Mom's that have crossed over! 
Update - 5/1/2016
Our Evoke is in!
The Infinity Evoke delivers a deep tissue massage, that in the past was only found in higher priced massage chairs. It's zero-gravity, has heat therapy, and it's a space saver too!
I was very impressed the first time I sat in it. 
With all of its features, the Infinity Evoke is proof to me, that the price of quality massage chairs is coming down, which is a beautiful thing.
I know that there's alot of people out there with health issues, that don't have a budget that includes a high priced massage chair.
The price tag is $2695-, and it's available in Black and Pearl Brown.
Did I mention that it's a cinch to assemble?   

Update - 4/23/2016

We were out of town for a bit, testing and evaluating massage chairs. 

These were really interesting trips. We took the roads to New Hampshire, and we flew United to Texas.

It honestly was a great experience, meeting some of the people we've been working with over the internet for the past year.

We also found 2 new massage chairs, that really filled in the affordable price gap we had in our collection. 

They are two awesome massage chairs, and they're both under $3000-.

Both are S-tracks, one of them is a true 3D, and the other is a space saver.

S-track means that the lower end of the roller track, stops at some point below your lower back, as opposed to an

L-track, which ends at some point under the butt.
A true 3D massage chair, has the ability to adjust the massage roller intensity, with the push of a button.
Space saver means you can set the chair 4"from the wall, and it won't hit the wall, as you recline.
They both really are excellent massage chairs, and did I mention that they're both under 3 grand?

OK, one's $2995-. That would be the Titan Pro-Executive.
That's the true 3D massage chair, and it's available in Black, Brown, and Cream, which is actually more of a Champagne.

The other is the Infinity Evoke.  The price tag is $2695-, and it's available in Black and Pearl Brown.
They both produce an excellent massage, and are proof to me that the price of quality massage chairs is coming down, which is a beautiful thing.

Now, we have some good news, and just a little bad.

First, the good news.... We have the new 3D Titan Pro-Executive in our mobile showroom, and it's ready for your test drive.

Now the bad... The demand was so overwhelming for this massage chair, that it's currently sold out, till approximately 5/20/2016. End of bad news.

If this massage chair suits you, I promise you, it will be worth the wait.

You're welcome to come and test drive it, and we can place a pre-order on your behalf, to secure your chair once it does come in. IMHO, I wouldn't be surprised if it sold out again.

As for the Evoke, I expect ours in towards the end of next week.
I don't think there's a better massage chair out there for this price. $2695-.
You have to try it, to know what I'm saying.

I'm looking forward to hearing from some of you.
Be safe, and remember - what you put out there, is what you'll get back!

Thanks for taking the time,

Nick Fahmie - Massage Chair, Inc. - Toms River, NJ
34 years of service experience.
This is our first post to our new website!
We have a few new developments, including this website, and it's all very exciting!
I'll take this opportunity to thank Adam Diaz-Garcia and his team, for all the time, efforts, and talent that they put into this creation.
Thanks everyone! It truly is fully appreciated!!!