Massage Chair Reviews by Fahmie

Ogawa 3D Smart Chair.
We'd been looking for another 3D massage chair to add to our showroom collection, and this chair met all of our requirements and expectations.
I personally tested it a number of times before deciding that this was the 3D that we needed, adding 1 more top quality massage chair to our showroom display.
We have the Smart 3D in Cappuccino, as shown in the pic, and it's also available in Black.

My professional opinion about the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair, is that it has a great look to it, and it's extremely quiet, smooth, and comfortable.
I'd rate its performance as outstanding., and I believe this massage chair will outlast many of the massage chairs on today's market.

It's controller is actually a Samsung tablet, which is pre-loaded with Word and Excel, and many other programs.
Being used to using remotes, the tablet was a little tricky at first, but with some trial and error I've caught on.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with everything about this chair, and highly recommend it.
The Cradle.
Of all of the massage chairs that we've tested, in my honest professional opinion, the Cradle massage chair is the very best value of all massage chairs on the market.
It's a well designed and constructed massage chair, and with regular use, is very effective keeping my pain levels and sciatica in check.
It's overall comfort level is outstanding, as is the construction of this massage chair.

The roller's adjust to your spine's curvatures with no changes of intensity to the different regions of your spine during the entire 50" roller stroke. Other massage chairs, even the 3D chairs, may have varying intensities between the spinal regions.
The roller height is adjustable too, and can easily reach into the upper neck region and beyond, of users between 5'0" and 6' 7", and probably taller.
The adjustable 64 air bag massage is extremely comfortable, and envelops the feet, the sides, the front and the back of the calves.
The 19.5" arm massage reaches from the elbow to the fingertips, where most armrest airbags don't reach.
The premium Bluetooth sound system and speakers are high quality massage chair speakers, and provide a full, rich sound, which adds to the overall massage experience.
The 10 year limited warranty is testimony as to the quality which with this massage chair is built.
It's actually one of the most solid massage chairs on the market in any price range..
If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, this is a massage chair you need to try.
The Osaki 4000T
Osaki replaced their 4000 model with the 4000T, to add foot rollers to the 4000 design.
My honest opinion of the Osaki 4000 & 4000T, is that mechanically, it’s a quality massage chair, and a good buy for the money, if you like a relaxing massage only.
Deep tissue, not so much, and if you need a massage chair to work out your back issues, this may not be the chair for you.

To rate the intensity of the massage, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 6.5 at best.
It's a matter of personal preference though, and some people may find its intensity level just right, so I highly recommend a test drive before purchasing.
It also has alot of the features found in more expensive massage chairs, which makes this chair an excellent buy if it suits your needs.


The Luraco i7.

iRobotics Luraco 7 - i7

The following review is based on my personal observations of Luraco's i7 massage chair, and our visit to Luraco's headquarters in Arlington, Texas.

Let’s start with the quality control.

Dr. Le and his team, are truly meticulous when it comes to this aspect of manufacturing.

They honestly go the extra mile, to make sure that everything that leaves their assembly room, is performing exactly as it should, including their sound suppression technology.

They actually have a sound-proof booth that every chair has to visit, before it's given their stamp of approval.

Now, let's talk about the controller. It’s the simplest controller I’ve ever used, and the only controller I can decipher w/o using my readers.

I was very impressed by the reach of the 32″ S-track, the longest S-track on the market. The back rollers have 5 separate intensity settings for the 3 spinal regions, which include the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions of your back.

There are separately, 5 intensity settings for the foot rollers too.

I was also very impressed by the torque and the sound suppression of the massage chair’s 12 motors and air pump. I do believe that it's the quietest massage chair on the market.

Let's talk about the comfort of the 100 air bag massage, and the i7’s overall results!

This massage chair has honestly worked wonders on my lower back pain AND sciatica, and I’m not saying that as a sales pitch or a sales line.

It's the honest to God truth!

To sum up my opinion of Luraco's i7, it IS a high priced massage chair, BUT - you do get what you pay for, and IMHO, it IS the best massage chair out there, and I’ve tried them all.

This massage chair is built like a tank, and I honestly believe it’ll go for decades without any major service.

Nick Fahmie – Massage Chair, Inc. – Brick, NJ


Osaki Pro Dreamer

This massage chair is one of my personal favorites.
It’s a 3D massage chair, which means that you can adjust the roller intensity settings. with the push of a button.
Like all of our massage chair, it’s heated and zero-gravity, which combined with the 3D option, gives the user total massage control.
It also has a 31″ roller track, which reaches just about as low as an S-track massage chair can.
It has LED mood light bars on the sides of the armrests, and you can also play your music from your smartphone or MP3 player with the 3.5mm jack.
The Titan Pro-Summit.
     Image result for titan pro summit
The Pro Summit has a larger cockpit than just about any other massage chair, and can accommodate someone with a larger frame.
This massage chair is a space saver, and can be set 5″ off of a wall, and still have room to spare when fully reclined.
The Pro-Summit is an “L” track massage chair, and has the longest roller track on the market – 52″. 
It truly has provided me great relief on days when everything hurts. 
The L-track technology allows the roller track to extend well past the lower back, past the buttocks and to the top of the hamstrings. This function increases the effects of massage as it enables each disc of your spine to individually separate and decompress, allowing nutrients to enter disc tissue.
The roller mechanism of the Pro-Summit is 2D, meaning that the roller massage intensity can be adjusted by your body weight, as the chair reclines.
The Titan Pro-Executive.
This 3D massage chair has an amazing amount of features, a one-of-a-kind foot massage, and is extremely affordable as far as massage chairs go, considering it's a true 3D massage chair.

The foot massage is a one of a kind, and needs to be mentioned.
The 20 air cells massage the top of your feet and toes,  the sides of your feet, and the Achilles area.
The foot rollers massage your soles, and the intensity is adjustable.

This is the first true 3D massage chair to hit the market, that costs under 3 grand.
I was extremely impressed at the performance, and once again, its price point. 
The Pro-Exec really is alot of massage chair, and is definitely worth checking out.
Available in Beige, Brown, or Black.
The Infinity IT-8500X3.
As in the 8500 tradition, this Chair is a Bear.
It's identical to the IT-8500, but with 3D technology, and a new stylized remote.

IMHO, this massage chair's debut is way overdue, as this is Infinity's first true 3D massage chair.
I'm partial to 3D massage chairs, because they're much more versatile when accommodating different users, with the ability to maximize or minimize the roller intensity with the push of a button.

The remote has Bluetooth connectivity, with quality speakers placed on each side of the headrest. 
You can sync your mobile device to your massage chair, and play music through the sound system, and also enjoy a massage synced to the beat of your favorite music when you activate the synchronic massage mode.

You can also download the X3 app, and turn your smartphone into the remote.
It has all of the other goodies too, such as heat therapy, waist swing, and foot rollers.

The company Infinity, is a tightly run ship too.
We’ve received our orders in less than a week.
The Infinity Iyashi.

As far as massage chairs go, IMO, this one is has a futuristic look.Its features a space saving option, you can set it 4" off of the wall, and still have room to spare when it fully reclines.
The mechanicals on this massage chair are top notch too.It has 8 powerful motors, a 49" roller track, a.k.a. an L- track, which reaches from your neck to your glutes, and everything in between.
It has a Bluetooth music system, lumbar heat therapy, and is single stage zero-gravity.
The company Infinity, is a tightly run ship too.We paid them a visit in Kingston, New Hampshire, and the positive vibes could be felt as soon as we walked in the door.
I believe that reflects in their performance too.
There have been times where we received our orders in less than a week, which is typically unheard of in the massage chair industry.
If you feel comfortable in this massage chair, and prefer the feel of an L-track massage chair, I most definitely recommend it!
The Infinity Evoke
The Infinity Escape
This really is alot of massage chair, especially when you consider the price of $2695-. 
This is our lowest priced brand new and warrantied massage chair, and what a massage chair it is!
It has most of the features of the more expensive massage chairs, and delivers a great back and foot massage too!
You really have to try it to believe it, and I highly recommend this massage chair, to anyone whose massage chair budget is under $3000-.
The Infinity Escape
This space saving massage chair offers a true deep tissue massage, and an L-track at an excellent price point. 
Like all of the massage chairs we have on display, it's a quality built massage chair, and has a great look to it. 
The pictures don't do it justice, this is something you'd have to see to appreciate. 
There is just one thing that could be better, the L-track does lose its intensity as it travels under the glutes, which was disappointing, but that's my personal preference only.

The Panasonic EP-MA73.

This is the top of the line Panasonic, but overall, I found this massage chair to be somewhat disappointing.
It's a phenomenal massage chair from the waist up, but for the price tag that resides on this chair, the rest of the chair should perform equally as well.

The features and performance of the seat and backrest are great.
The design of the armrests and the legrest, IMHO, leave much to be desired.
Locating and purchasing parts can be a bit of a challenge too.

These are my own honest opinions of the massage chairs reviewed here.
More reviews coming soon,
Nicholas Fahmie
President - Massage Chair, Inc.