Fall of 2018 Buyers Guide

Massage Chair Inc. In New jersey, Sales and Service

1 - Reviews are not always what they appear to be.
Reviews and review websites, also known as transitional websites, have become very effective marketing tools, used by many companies in all industries, including many of the reputable ones. 
Reading reviews are a great way to get an idea of what to look for when you're trying a chair, but there is no substitute for actually trying a massage chair.
Everyone's body shape, size, and sensitivity level is different, so what feels good for one, may not for another. 

2 - Try it before you Buy it - I'd compare buying a massage chair without trying it, to buying a pair of shoes without trying them on.

They both have to fit your shape and size, and also achieve the level of comfort you're looking for. 
Buying a massage chair strictly based on your research, and without trying it, is the #1 reason for customer dissatisfaction.

3 - Your Massage Chair Budget - Depending on your therapy needs, the regular use of a massage chair, combined with exercise that targets and strengthens your problem area(s), may lessen or eliminate the need for regular visits to traditional therapy sessions. 

When calculating your massage chair budget, consider the travel time and cost savings, and the convenience of doing your own therapy in your own home or office. 

This should all play a big part, when calculating how much you're willing to invest in your massage chair.

4 - Quality - All massage chair ads promote their product as the greatest thing since sliced bread, no matter the price ,or what level of quality goes into the chair. 
They all look great on "paper", using similar illustrations and hype, but that's where the similarity ends. 
The comfort level, the quality of the massage, and the reliability factor  will vary, all depending on the design, and the quality of every component installed when building the chair.

5 - S -Track or an L-Track - Which is a better fit for you?

This section addresses the Stretch or Extend programs found on any quality full body massage chair. 
The Stretch program is one of the features that helps with spinal decompression, which relieves the pressure between the discs.

Theoretically, the advantage of the S-Track design is that the Stretch program can provide the user with a more effective stretch than that of an L-Track, because the backrest is a separate component from the seat, giving the design a greater range of motion. 
This however, does depend on the model, because the effectiveness of some S-track stretch programs, is comparable to some of the L-tracks out there.

The advantage of an L-Track, is that the roller mechanism has a substantially longer reach, traveling under the seat and relaxing more of your muscles and connective tissues. 

They both should have a waist twist/sway program, and when combined with the roller massage and stretch program, the muscles and connective tissues in the lower back relax, promoting the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients into the lower lumbar region. 
For best results, drink plenty of water after your session.

6 - Floor Models - If you’re considering buying a floor model, consider where you’re buying it from. If you find one in a mall or a big box store, chances are that it’s been used a lot, and at times without proper supervision. 

The motors may have been subjected to hours of non-stop use without adequate cool down time. 
If you find one in a privately run store, chances are it’s been used much less than a chair found at a mall, and it’s use has been properly supervised. 

7 - Service - Choose your massage chair dealer wisely.
Choosing your massage chair dealer, is just as important as choosing the right massage chair. because your dealer should be responsible for your massage chair service, when the time comes.
All dealers will tell you they service their massage chairs, even if they use a 3rd party company - of which they have no control over. 

Like any other industry, service quality will vary from place to place, which is why it's so important to know a dealer's reputation for service.
The last thing that any of us wants, is a 300 lb. dust collector.