Not just "words on a web-page"

#1 in massage chair customer service!
Massage Chair, Inc. is family owned and operated, and is a division of Air Speed Service Co.

f I were to sum up the type of relationship that we have with our clients - in two words - they would be trust and loyalty. 
When someone chooses us to be their massage chair provider, they trust that we'll do the right thing by them, for years to come.
I take this as a personal compliment, and this is where our loyalty begins. 

We always have and always will, do everything in our power, and here are 2 perfect examples:
We've traveled from Brick, NJ to Boston, Massachusetts, and separately to Pittsburgh, PA, to take care of 2 of our clients in their times of need. 
Ethan was moving, and he couldn't find anyone that he was comfortable with, to move his massage chair to his new home.

Sean needed his wife's new massage chair delivered and assembled before Christmas, and the company who normally handles our long distance White Glove Service, was booked beyond Christmas at the time of the order. 
We made it happen for the both of them.

Now, I'm not saying this to pat ourselves on the back.
It's only to show that our commitment to our clients, is so much more then just "words on a web page".

Our Staff
Tim Koenigsmark - Timmy K. spent 14 years in retail and customer service management prior to joining our team 4 years ago, and has trained as a mechanical service technician under Nick Fahmie. 
Tim is one of our salesman, and is an excellent massage chair technician.

John Jackson - John is also an avid auto mechanic, always tinkering with his trick trucks during his off time. 
John brings his mechanical experience, his hard work ethics, and his positive outlook on life to Massage Chair, Inc. 
John also is an excellent massage chair technician.

Nate Jackson - Nate is the newest addition to our crew. 
He has an outstanding personality, excellent work ethics, and joined our team having 15 years of mechanical service experience.

Margo Kuhn - Margo, our sales manager and wellness consultant. She is a trained massage therapist with a medical background of 25 years. and has personally tested and evaluated many of today's massage chair models.

Nick Fahmie - Nick has personally reviewed just about every massage chair on the market, to choose the best-of-the-best in assorted price ranges, for our showroom.
Nick is an industry leading consultant, an expert massage chair technician, and is president of Massage Chair, Inc.