About us...

#1 in massage chair customer service!
Our Team:
Nick Fahmie - An industry leading consultant, Nick has traveled coast to coast and anywhere in between, to personally test and assess just about every massage chair on the market. 
He has over 35 years of electro-mechanical design, diagnostics, and repair experience, plus 25 years of dealing with back pain and sciatica, from an L3 bulging disc, and L4 herniated disc.

Margo Kuhn - Our sales manager and wellness consultant, Margo worked in the medical field for over 25 years, prior to switching to the massage chair industry.
Her areas of expertise in the medical field is quite diverse, and includes massage therapy.

Tim Koenigsmark - Timmy K. spent 14 years in retail and customer service management, prior to joining our team in 2013, to train as a mechanical technician under Nick Fahmie.
Tim is extremely talented, and is one of our salesmen, and also is an excellent massage chair technician.

John Jackson - John is an avid auto mechanic, always tinkering with his trick trucks during his off time.
John brings his mechanical experience, his hard work ethics, and his positive outlook on life to Massage Chair, Inc.
John also is an excellent massage chair technician.

Nate Jackson - Nate
 has an outstanding personality, excellent work ethics, and joined our team having 15 years of mechanical service experience.
Nate is an excellent massage chair technician.

Diana Capra - Dianna is the newest addition to MCI, and brings her sales and marketing skills to the team, to help more of you find us!
Everyone who works at MCI, is either family, or part of our extended family, and we're here to help you in any way that we can!