The BEST Massage Chair Buyer's Guide - 2020

#1 - Massage Chairs and the Internet 

Buying a massage chair online, based on reviews, specifications, comparison websites, and anything else you may have found, can be a disappointing experience to say the least.

Every massage chair has its own "personality", and if a quality massage is important to you, it needs to accommodate your size, shape, and sensitivity level. 
This is why you should try it before you buy it, or at the very least, talk to a qualified professional prior to purchase.

#2 - Where to buy
Most massage chair retailers match each other's deals, so for the most part, you can get the same deal anywhere.
One thing that's often overlooked in the excitement of buying a massage chair, is the post-sale service quality, which includes the delivery, and any other issues that may occur once your massage chair is inside your home.

Like anything other industry, service quality will vary from place to place.
A little research into a retailer's service reputation, will be one of the best time investments you can make, before purchasing a massage chair.

#3 - Massage Chair Quality 

You'll see huge price variations when you're shopping for a massage chair, and they all sound fantastic when you're reading about them.

Most look alike too, but there's enormous differences in: a) designs, b) the quality of the components used during the construction, and c) the quality of the massage itself.

The size of the chair, and the quality of the fabric, padding, back roller mechanism, and rollers, will affect the quality of your massage.

The quality of the mechanical parts and electronics, will determine how long a massage chair will last.

Then there's the quality of the company itself, and how well they follow through with delivery, repairs, and warranty issues.

Like anything else - you'll get what you pay for.

The attached photos show the difference in the qualities of the back roller mechanisms - from a $700-, $3500-, and an $8000- massage chair.

#4 - S -Track or an L-Track - Which is a better massage chair for you?
Theoretically speaking, the advantage of the S-Track design, is that the Stretch program can be more effective than an L-track.
The S-track's backrest is a separate component from the seat, giving the seat and the backrest a greater range of motion.
That being said, the massage chair with the better stretch, heavily depends on the specific models that you are comparing.

The advantage of an L-Track, is that the roller mechanism has a substantially longer reach, traveling under the seat and relaxing more of your muscles and connective tissues.
L-Tracks also have a Stretch program and they do accomplish the task, but depending on the model, the actual stretch may not extend as far as an S-track, because the backrest and seat are a single component. 
This is another reason, why you should try it before you buy it.

#5 - 2D, 3D, or 4D 
When we're talking about D's, we're referring to the method used to adjust the back roller intensity. 
2D - This model adjusts the roller intensity by utilizing gravity, your body weight, and by changing the position of the backrest. The further back the chair is reclined, the more intense the roller massage will be, because more of your body weight is over the rollers.
3D - A true 3D massage chair has the ability to adjust the rollers out and away from the roller track, using a manual adjustment on the remote.
This provides optimum roller intensity adjustments, while leaving the position of the chair where you're most comfortable.
4D - There is no difference between a true 3D massage chair, and a 4D massage chair. 
A few years ago roller speed adjustments, which is a standard adjustment on all massage chairs, was added to the "D's", making 3D - 4D.

Please note:  Some companies label their 2D chairs as 3D, because there are air pressure adjustments to the air massage. Buyer beware.
Please note:  A button on a remote that's labelled strength or intensity, usually only controls the roller speeds.

#6 - Space Savers 
An important thing to keep in mind when shopping for the right massage chair, is the amount of space that you have for its placement. 
Some chairs require as much as 20" of space behind it, to allow the chair to fully recline. 
Space savers require much less, and can be placed as close as 1" to a wall, depending on the model.

#7 - Your Massage Chair Budget 
If you're thinking about buying a quality massage chair, but feel that spending thousands of dollars is out of the question, calculate the monthly or annual expense of your current therapy, and how much of your time is spent driving to and from their location.
Compare that with the expense and the convenience of doing your own in home massage therapy.
Chances are, you'll find that the purchase of a quality massage chair, will actually pay for itself!

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