Company Policies

1 - Service:We service what we sell only, and do not service our competitor's chairs.

2 - Deliveries: - Typically take 7 to 10 business days. 

Circumstances that can delay deliveries beyond the normal time frame - Inclement weather, or the Christmas holidays.

Once your order is placed with our suppliers, they process the order which typically takes 2 business days, then your massage chair is shipped.

Once it's shipped, we receive its tracking number or Pro number, which will be forward to you, with a link to the tracking page.

3 - Free delivery to your driveway or curbside:

a) New massage chairs only. Floor model pricing is for pickup only. Delivery is available at an additional charge.

b) Certain areas of the lower 48 states, such as parts of NYC, may be designated a High Cost Service Area. Additional charges may apply.

4 - Local White Glove Service:  

Free for any new massage chair, within a 30 mile radius of 08724, and for ground floor placement only. 

PA and NYC deliveries may not be included, due to mileage, and our additional costs incurred. 

For levels other than the ground floor, if a freight elevator is not available, additional charges may apply. 

For stairways or doorways less than 32" wide, additional charges may apply.

It's recommended that a 36" door is accessed to move your massage chair into your home, and we ask that you prep the area(s) inside your home, leading to the place you'd like your massage chair rest, prior to our arrival,

Most massage chairs occupy an area of approximately 3 feet wide by 7 feet depth, fully extended. If it's not a space saver, up to 20 inches between the backrest and the wall may be required. See your models specs for exact dimensions.

5 - Floor models are sold as is, and guaranteed to be in proper working condition, but may have scuffs and/or marks on them.

6 - Price match policy:
Price match applies to massage chair purchases only. 
Proof of lower purchase price must be presented at the time of purchase.
Because we provide top quality service, our Price Match Policy does not apply to services rendered.

7 - Returns: 
Returning an item such as a massage chair is a costly proposition, and can be risky if the massage chair gets damaged. 
We strongly urge you to demo your massage chair prior to purchase.
Double-check your order, both before and after placing it, and inspect your delivery prior to signing off with your delivery agent. 
Our intention here is not to discourage returns, but only to deter the very few, who abuse the Returns system. 
Please read the terms and conditions below.
Returns - Terms and conditions:
One return per client. 
We offer 30 day returns if for any reason, you're not happy with your purchase. 
All return policies goes into effect once the massage chair has shipped.
This timeline is set by our suppliers.

The client is fully responsible for the inspection and the condition of the massage chair, once delivery has been accepted.
The client is responsible for return shipping. 
A 15% re-stocking fee may apply, and will be reviewed at the time of the return.
All new massage chair returns must be received in “like new” condition, which includes the original packaging minus normal wear & tear of the packaging, along with all of the original parts and accessories.
Returns will not be accepted if there is any damage to the massage chair, such as - but not limited to: tears, stains, spills, burns, odors, and other signs of abuse and/or wear, such as missing parts and accessories.
Your return authorization from Massage Chair, Inc. is required to begin the return process.
All returns must be requested via email to

Pictures of the condition of the massage chair before and after re-packaging will be requested, prior to authorization.
Products returned improperly may not be accepted, and/or restocking fees and restocking fees may apply without proper authorization of the return.

We do everything in our power to help you choose the right massage chair for you prior to purchase. 

We're also trying to prevent complications on both ends, so we urge that you actually try your massage chair prior to purchase, and that orders be re-checked, both before and after placing it.

8 - Order cancellation: - If your order is cancelled before the order is processed, no charges will apply, but we ask you to re-check your order before and after placing it.

If you cancel your order after the product is in transit, you will be charged the cost of the forward and return shipping.

15% restocking fees may apply.

Once we have received and inspected your return, we will issue your refund within 3 business days.