Ogawa Touch 3D

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Ogawa Touch 3D massage chair features: 
  • With the Ogawa Touch 3D massage chair, you can choose from 8 expertly designed automatic massage programs with one touch. Each program thoughtfully combines various massage techniques such as Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling.
  • Dual Head 3D Rollers glide with precision. With 6 levels of intensity, the Touch 3D can accommodate your every massage need, from light to deep, smooth to vigorous…it’s your choice. Closely mimicking the agile human hand, the chairs Dual Head 3D rollers provide 6 various massage techniques.
  • Double Body Scan Technology to map your specific body position, detecting both the curvature of your spine and your shoulder position for an accurate massage, just right for you. Data from the body scan is used by the chairs microcomputer, targeting the muscle groups to ensure each user receives a thorough massage experience. 
  • Smart Sense Air Compression - The patented SmartSense™ air cell technology serves the dual purpose of gently lifting and repositioning your body for comprehensive stretching motions and providing healthy compression to aid in circulation and muscle tension relief. The 64 air bag compression system also measures your location using patented sensors throughout the chair to provide optimum pressure for comfortable massage
  • The Touch Screen Remote makes choosing your favorite features a breeze…from Zero Gravity, to Foot Rollers, customize your massage in a snap.
  • Heat is provided to the lower lumbar region of the spine which helps relieve lower back tension and relax the underlying muscles and joints. Soothing vibration detoxifies, stimulates, and relaxes the surface tissue.
  • Chromotherapy -The human body is balanced by stimulating the biochemical and hormonal processes using various color sequences. The relaxing light is located on each side of the headrest.