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Osaki Pro Maxim
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The 'S&L track' massage has a range that starts from the neck down through the glutes to the hamstrings. The Osaki Pro Maxim has combined both the S & L track systems to deliver an incredibly consistent massage. Before initiating any preset program, the chair will conduct a body scan and map the key areas of the neck and back to ensure a consistent amount of pressure while applying the massage. The scanning technology will also detect the user’s shoulders height, which can be recalibrated once the scan is complete. If the user desires a higher or lower starting point,
they will have 10 seconds after the scan is complete to adjust.

The Osaki Pro Maxim is integrated with a touch screen tablet remote that allows the user to see all the functionsalong with the preset programs. The images and buttons make the remote easy to use and operate.The power button is discretely located on the top right of the tablet.

Located underneath the feet are 2 rows of spinning reflexology massagers which provide a soothing kneading style application. As the rollers spin it will stimulate acupuncture points along with air bags that inflate for a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet.

The Osaki Pro Maxim is equipped with a total of 22 airbags making it one of the most efficient and reliable air massaging systems in the industry.
The latest models have reduced the total number of airbags while increasing the coverage.The more individual airbags there are, the more working parts it requires. The airbags are made from the latest technology, allowing for the airbags to contour to the body an evenly distributing the pressure.

The Pro Maxim has 2 heating pads located around the lumbar area. The heat enhances the feel of the rolling massage. The vibration plate in the seat provides a high frequency massage on the back of the thighs. The vibration and heat can be independently turned off or on by using the functions on the remote.

The Osaki Pro Maxim offers 12 unique pre-programmed massages.
- General : Combination of all massage styles- Deep Tissue : A deep kneading massage with a tapping motion.- Recovery : Focusing on the Waist and hip area applying kneading and tapping massages.- Wake Up : Combination of multiple tapping & knocking massages to stimulate the back.- Sleeping : Gentle tapping with light kneading.- Healthy : Regimen - Combination of all massage styles focusing primarily on the lower body- Stretch : Stretching the back, legs and arms by inflating the airbags grabbing the ankles and pulling.There a total of 4 different stretching actions.- Health : Lower Back massage with a soft kneading and strong tapping motion.- Beauty : Lower Back massage with kneading, rolling and shiatsu massages.- Vitality : Complete back massage using soft kneading and soft tapping massages.- Vigor : Uses all of the massage techniques in the lower back region.
The Osaki Pro Maxim offers 6 different massage styles Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling. The Rolling and Tapping massage styles can be increased to 5 different speeds along with 3 different widths.

Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position for ultimate relaxation.When placed in the Zero Gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest. This helps with maximizing the intensity of the massage. The first stage of Zero Gravity puts the body in the ultimate relaxation position. Whereas the 2nd stage reclines further to place your legs above the heart for optimal circulation.

The Osaki Maxim is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to listen to their favorite music and phone calls on high quality speakers in the headrest. The speakers and sound are positioned so that the user has the best listening experience. Also, this helps reduce the audio volume coming from the surrounding area.
Located around the speaker casing and the side panels are circular LED lights that illuminate a relaxing blue color. When the room lights and surrounding areas are dimmed a blue lighting will shine on the chair and its surroundings. Studies have shown that blue lighting has a calming and relaxation effect on a person’s mood.

Space Saving Technology
Typical massage chairs consume a more space due to the chair being in a reclined position. Massage chairs require up to 3 feet behind the backrest for the chair to fully recline. Titan’s innovative design team has engineered a space saving technology that slides the chair forward as the chair reclines.Fully reclined this chair can be positioned within 6 inches of a wall for maximum space saving.

Manual Mode
While in the manual mode you have the freedom to customize the massage from the neck down to the feet. The functions of the massage can range from full back to partial (half sections) or concentrate on one specific area. The airbag massage can be isolated from the shoulders, arms, back and foot/calves. The intensity of the air can be adjusted to 3 different strengths mild, medium and strong. In the 
manual mode, you can select one style of massage in combination with any of the air massage, vibration or heat functions.