Kyota E330 Massage Chair

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PROMOTIONAL PRICE  $1999.00 - The Kyota E330 zero gravity massage chair has all the features of much more expensive chairs. Traveling L-track 4-node massage mechanism to travel from neck and shoulders to the gluteus muscles. Airbag massage in the shoulders, arms, palms, calves and feet. Foot roller reflexology. Full back scanning to automatically make micro-adjustments for your body specifics. Choose from 9 auto programs or take control and individually control each aspect of the massage to your liking. Includes Kyota 4 year limited warranty and delivery.


Neck Shoulders Back Arms Glutes Calves Feet




Built in Heating
Heating elements built into the back and legs of the chair. Add heat to your massage session to loosen muscles.

Zero Gravity recline with space-saving zero wall technology, means you can set the chair within two inches of the wall.

Airbag Compression Massage
Advanced airbag compression massage mimics human hands, relieving tension in your shoulders, arms, and calfs.

Product Specifications

  • Full Feature Four Node Massage
  • Nine Automatic Programs
  • True Zero Gravity
  • Decompression massage
  • Scanning Technology
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • 4 Year Warranty

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