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Google Review by Ethan Givoni - Natick, Massachusetts - I bought the Luraco i7 massage chair from Nick at Massage Chair Inc. and I'm very happy I did. I've done a lot of research and visited many stores, but the moment that I met Nick at his store, I felt like this is the place I would like to do business with. There was no pressure or salesman pushing you to purchase or commit a deposit to buy. Nick had a great follow up, he answered all my questions and reassured me of the order, paperwork, delivery schedule and even the price was much better than other massage chair store or known internet stores, who seem to be well-connected with the Luraco factory. Delivery was on time and service was awesome. Nick is very honest businessman and I appreciate how he conduct business with respect and takes his time with the customer. It was nice to know there are still places like that that don't just try to sell you that moment you arrive at the store :) I admire and appreciate this kind of treatment and service and I will not hesitate to refer my friends and customers to Nick. Thank you Nick for such a great experience, after all it takes time to make such decision in life and Nick understands that! All the best and success, Ethan.

Follow up service review by Ethan Givoni - So three months ago I moved to a new house in Hopkinton, MA area, I was concerned about moving this expensive i7 chair using a moving company that could have easily damaged it and could not guarantee it will work after the move. I then called Nick to help and he offered his services to move the chair. To make the story short, Nick showed up on time after a long drive from NJ, with a special vehicle and his crew, disassembled the chair (even better method than Luraco recommends), gently moved the i7 chair to the new house and assembled it. We tested the chair as it was as new. The crew even wrapped the chair to make sure no dust will accumulate during the move and renovations. I was impressed and extremely happy with the service and friendly advice. I must say, Nick and his crew are professionals and they provided exceptional, high quality service especially even when it is far away from their store in NJ. Thank you Nick for the awesome work which I could not get anywhere else!!! All the best, Ethan.

Google Review by John Donofrio - Colts Neck, NJ
Nick is a great guy to work with. He's very professional and willing to take the time necessary to educate his customers.
If you're within driving distance, I would absolutely suggest spending the time to travel to his store and testing each chair.
These should not be purchased off of the internet, they all feel a little different.
The best part is that Nick has tested each chair, and only stocks his store with those that he feels are best.
Plus his warranty crushes the competition.

Square Feedback by Debra Roberts - South Jersey - This family run business is not a 'sales force'.  If you do your own homework and research into massage chairs, you will immediately recognize that the owner knows his chairs, literally inside and out. He does not look to 'sell you' on the benefits of a massage chair but looks to help those of us who want to buy the right chair for personal needs. From my store visits, I know that one chair does not fit all. I have confidence that the owner stands by the selected products he has on display and promotes, although he knows the market, and can provide any chair that fits 'you'.

Google Review from Karen Peck - Jonesboro, Arkansas
I was nervous about ordering something that cost a lot of money from a place that is physically so far away from me (in case something happened or something was wrong with the product). Nick was so nice from the first conversation I had with him on the phone, that when I was ready to order I knew I would be ordering from him. 
I ordered the Luraco i7 Plus for my husband for Christmas. 
I was worried about the timing. Nick would check in with me and give me updates on the order status and the delivery. Not sure what happened by the delivery company had the chair for a while but never contacted me about it. Nick was on it! The chair got delivered on time.  I can't tell you how impressed I was with Nick's service. If I were to ever order another massage chair again, I would definitely call Nick first.

Square feedback from Tony C. - Plymouth, MN
I am so thankful for the help that I got from Nick. Being a Veteran with a disability is tough, and his willingness to help disabled Veterans speaks volumes about his character and his company. 

Square feedback from Ron Epstein - Tinton Falls, NJ
Absolutely phenomenal salespeople. So glad I came here! 
Google Review from Ron Epstein - Tinton Falls, NJ 
This is going to be a rather detailed review that will ultimately steer you towards making the right decision in purchasing what will probably be your first massage chair. Hang in there, read what I have to say, and I think you will feel very comfortable with your choice of where to shop... I have always wanted a massage chair. It wasn't until my brother in North Carolina bought one used, that I pursued the idea of getting one for myself. I didn't want to go the used route because, quite frankly, you don't know how many hours have been put in one of these chairs. I started with Amazon. Many people buy chairs on Amazon without even trying them. I actually placed an order for a mid-tier massage chair that got phenomenal reviews. However, after placing my order, I did some further research on the delivery company and it had horrific reviews concerning its reliability. Within 10 minutes of placing the order, I canceled it. My next step? For kicks and giggles, I went to Google and did a search for massage chair sellers in Monmouth County. This store came up in the search. I started reading reviews from customers and surprisingly, they were 100% positive across the board. I say "surprisingly" because that's quite an accomplishment to have so many 5-star reviews in both sales, delivery, and service. Brick is a 30-minute drive for me, but I had time on my hands that afternoon, I called to make an appointment, spoke with the store's owner, Nick, and was told I could simply walk in. I jumped in my car and within 30 minutes I was at the store. First impressions are everything! I walked into this rather small showroom and was immediately greeted by Margo. She was very warm and friendly. I explained to her that I wanted a mid-tier massage chair -- one that wasn't built cheaply nor one that was outrageously expensive. I also told her I wanted an L-Track model. There must have been at least 10 chairs on display that encompassed a wide-range of prices. Margo didn't try to upsell me. She was respectful to my budget and led me to three or four chairs that were in my price range. I sat in each chair for about 10 minutes each as Margo described the different functionalities that the particular brand offered. Even when other customers came into the store, Margo did not abandon me. She actually divided her time between myself and the other couple who was there trying out different models. The whole store has a very "home-like" feel to it and I actually enjoyed just lying in different chairs getting the massage of my life. Through the tryout process, Margo gave me an explanation of the build quality of these chairs. Massage Chairs Inc. has its own brand of chair called "The Cradle." It's a really beautiful chair. Now mind you, I tried less expensive chairs that day which had more massage programs and fancier remotes. However, the smart side of my brain was working that day and it told me to invest my money wisely into a chair that has a metal assembly instead of hybrid plastic. The chair was a little above my budget, but Nick gave me a great deal which included white glove delivery. Within two days, Nick and his crew delivered my chair. They not only put it together but hauled off all the cardboard and plastic that the chair was housed in. His crew was very friendly and having Nick there to oversee the delivery was an added bonus. There is a lesson that I learned here... Don't buy this kind of thing off of Amazon or any place where you can't be educated or even more so, don't have the opportunity to try before you buy. When I reflect upon what I had almost done and what I actually did, I feel so much better about my decision to visit an actual showroom.

Amazon feedback from Scott Early - AZ
I had a great experience with the seller (Nick). He stayed in touch with me throughout the shipping and installation process, and provided white glove delivery and assembly of the chair. Highly recommended.

Facebook post from Steve Wein - Howell, NJ
Time to look for a massage chair to help with my back, leg, and foot pain. Overloaded with internet information, time to go to a local retail outlet. Massage Chair in Brick, NJ not only educated me, but their no pressure sales was refreshing. The owners Margo and Nick (family owned and operated) took the time to find the perfect chair for my needs. Margo went as far as to demonstrate the "air-bag" feature (no rollers are used) might be soothing for my son who is autistic. I HIGHLY recommend contacting the Massage Chair store prior to purchasing any massage chair. Margo and Nick, keep up the great job your doing.

Yelp Update from Steve Wein - Howell, NJ
Update on purchase 1/3/19 - Probably the best purchase I did for myself.   I'm turning 60 in August an suffer from back spasms, soreness and heal pain.  My wife suggested seeking medical help, but I've been through that route before.  
I did my homework on-line and purchased "The Champ" massage chair.

1st -  Exceptional salesmanship from both Nick & Margo (owners)
2nd - Delivery was done by family members with Nick in attendance
3rd -  Most importantly, after 2 months, I use "The Champ" 3x a week for an hour (3 different messages for 20 minutes) and MY BACK PAIN IS GONE.  
My heal is 90% better (sore at times,  but not everyday).  
I feel more relaxed and I kick myself for not doing this sooner.  

SquareUp Feedback by Brian V. - Richboro, PA - Nick and Margo were great to work with. Very patient and knowledgeable.

eBay Feedback from Nuong T. Pham - Louisville, KY
Mr. Nick a very honest ebay seller.

Google Review by Mark Sweet - Brick, NJ - Had a problem w/ the foot rollers...texted Nick - prompt response - timely repair work efficiently completed w/ no questions asked...we let Tim come in the house without our being home (totally trustworthy) - he took the whole foot assembly back to the office, fixed, returned, and reattached it - works like a charge...I'm so glad I didn't order a massage chair from the internet, because it's hard to find that kind of integrity and service. bty, I'm a pastor, and not in the habit of making false or insincere statements...Community Bible Fellowship Church in Brick...I practically live in this chair...makes it so much more pleasant to work on my sermons for lengthy periods of time :) May God bless you Nick and Tim!

Yelp Review by Keith D. - Toms River, NJ
Visited Massage Chair Inc. right after work around 5:30 PM. Thought I would spend 1/2 hour trying out the chairs. Two and a half hours after closing time, they were still helping me with a smile. No pressure to buy they provided answers to all my questions. I am still shopping but would happily buy from them when I am ready.

Google Review from Joel Soriano - Laurel, MD - Nick from Massage Chairs is the best when it comes to customer service. Not only did he follow up  on the delivery of my Massage Chair but he also made sure I had what I needed to move the chair around in my house. Very happy with my purchase.

Yelp Review by Patrick G. - Medina, OH - I highly recommend Massage Chairs Inc. based on my experience. Having never owned a massage chair before, I was leery at first about which one to buy. With Nick's help I got my first chair and couldn't be happier. As an Engineer I have a real appreciation for the quality of the Osaki chair. As a consumer, I was very happy with the price that Massage Chairs Inc provided. Everything was as described, setup was flawless and the chair has provided a measure of tranquility that I have rarely enjoyed. I also appreciate the follow up and communication by the team throughout the process, especially since this was an out of state transaction (site unseen)......Thanks Nick. 

Google Review by Jason Galu - Bayville, NJ - Loving my chair. A week of use and the misery of sciatic pain is behind me. Nick and company were helpful and informative from demonstration to delivery and set up. Nick personally delivered and set up my chair. Him and his crew were extremely respectful of my home, and took great care not to damage my floors, walls, or belongings during delivery. I can't speak highly enough of this company or the product they sell. I originally purchased the chair for my back pain, but it has quickly become my place to unwind and escape the chaos of the day. I HIGHLY recommend MCI! If you're reading this Nick thanks again.

Yelp Review by Walter R. - Southampton, PA - I found out about Nick's shop while looking up where to buy a massage chair nearby.  He has 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook with good reason!  Nick let me try a variety of chairs in his shop and provided his opinion on various ones, answered any questions I had, and never pressured me to buy right then and there.  In fact, I didn't make the purchase until about a month later.  When I did purchase it, he stayed in communication regarding the status and delivery.  
On delivery day, he and his crew arrived when they said they would and set up my chair with no issue. If you're looking for a massage chair, you won't go wrong with Nick.

Google Review by Doug Kolton - Cherry Hill, NJ - Just bought a new chair. Great, friendly and professional service. Would HIGHLY recommend. 

Google Review from Dee Hodges - Alexandria, VA - I am so very glad I did do research on the Massage chair before purchasing as well as have an extensive test run at my doctors office Dr. Eric Berg in Alexandria, VA... who currently has 4 in his office for his patients.  After checking with several places that sell the Osaki 4000 I settled on Nick and I am so glad I did I can truly appreciate his honestly and knowledge of the chair coupled with what I had already learned from Dr. Berg this just felt right so we made the purchase.  Now I no longer have to wait for a chair to free up at the doctors office I have my own!  I  hope anyone looking to make this very valuable purchase will give Nick a call.  Thanks a lot Nick

Google Review by Sherrie Johnson - Robbinsville, NJ - I purchased a massage chair for my husband for Christmas from Massage Chair, Inc. and the entire family loves it. We received fantastic service in a timely manner. Nick was fabulous. He was respectful of our family time and our home. We couldn't be more pleased with either the product or the service. Thank you Nick!

Google Review by Brownstone23 - Freehold, NJ - Nick went above and beyond what could have been expected to help pick the right chair for my needs. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and gives no pressure to make a decision.