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    Sincerely, Margo Kuhn & Nick Fahmie


    Google Review from Ethan Givoni - Natick, Massachusetts

    I bought the Luraco i7 massage chair from Nick at Massage Chair Inc. and I'm very happy I did. I've done a lot of research and visited many stores but the moment that I met Nick at his store I felt like this is the place I would like to do business with. There was no pressure or salesman pushing you to purchase or commit a deposit to buy. 

    Even the price was much better than other massage chair stores, or known Internet stores who seem to be well-connected with the Luraco factory.

    Nick is a very honest businessman and I appreciate how he conduct business with respect and takes his time with the customer. It was nice to know there are still places like that that don't just try to sell you that moment you arrive at the store :) I admire and appreciate this kind of treatment and service and I will not hesitate to refer my friends and customers to Nick.

    Thank you Nick for such a great experience, after all it takes time to make such decision in life and Nick understands that! All the best and success, Ethan.

    Ethan's 2nd review - 18 months later:

    So, three months ago I moved to a new house in Hopkinton, MA area, I was concerned about moving this expensive i7 chair using a moving company that could have easily damaged it and could not guarantee it will work after the move.

    I then called Nick to help and he offered his services to move the chair.

    To make the story short, Nick showed up on time after a long drive from NJ, with a special vehicle and his crew, disassembled the chair (even better method than Luraco recommends), gently moved the i7 chair to the new house and assembled it.

    We tested the chair as it was as new. The crew even wrapped the chair to make sure no dust will accumulate during the move and renovations. I was impressed and extremely happy with the service and friendly advice.

    I must say, Nick and his crew are professionals and they provided exceptional, high quality service especially even when it is far away from their store in NJ. Thank you Nick for the awesome work which I could not get anywhere else!!!

    All the best, Ethan.


    Google review from Marc Sweet - Brick, NJ

    Had a problem w/ the foot rollers...texted Nick - prompt response - timely repair work efficiently completed w/ no questions asked...we let Tim come in the house without our being there (totally trustworthy) - he took the whole foot assembly back to the office, fixed, returned, and reattached it - works like a charge...I'm so glad I didn't order a massage chair from the internet, because it's hard to find that kind of integrity and service. bty, I'm a pastor, and not in the habit of making false or insincere statements...Community Bible Fellowship Church in Brick...I practically live in this chair...makes it so much more pleasant to work on my sermons for lengthy periods of time :) May God bless you both, Nick and Tim!


    Square review from Debra Roberts - South Jersey

    This family run business is not a 'sales force'. If you do your own homework and research into massage chairs, you will immediately recognize that the owner knows his chairs, literally inside and out.
    He does not look to 'sell you' on the benefits of a massage chair but looks to help those of us who want to buy the right chair for personal needs.
    From my store visits, I know that one chair does not fit all.
    I have confidence that the owner stands by the selected products he has on display and promotes, although he knows the market and can provide any chair on the market that fits 'you'.
    I live in S. Jersey with easy access to Philadelphia and other major shopping areas, but it is hard to find a 'massage chair store' where you can try out different brands at one time.


    Google review from Don Frederick - Toms River, NJ

    I've been a customer of Nick Fahmie since 1994 in Toms River.

    Nick has always been there for me whether for routine maintenance or emergency repairs. He is very knowledgeable and doesn't say the job is completed until he feels that it was done right even if that makes him a little late for his next job.

    I feel I am very lucky to have him work for me during all these years.

    I would recommend any business Nick is involved with to anyone who wants to deal with an honest hardworking person who will never take advantage of you. Completely trustworthy!


    Yelp review from Albert P. - Toms River, NJ

    Nick is a great person,

    I didn't say salesperson, because he gave us great information and never try to sell us a chair until we asked.

    Nick gave us all the time we needed, and helped us decide what chair was for us.

    The delivery and set up was great.

    We had a coupon for it, so it didn't cost us anything.

    Nick is a professional and he made it a great purchase.

    You will feel as good as me once you get a chair.

    Great financing, so it's a win win win.

    Note - This Yelp review was posted by Albert, but Yelp's computer system choose to move it to a "not recommended" folder, which is viewable by the owner only.


    Robyn Readicker - Luraco Technologies - Arlington, TX

    Nick, thank you for your honest feedback. I know that you represent all of the lines and you represent them well, and judging by all the questions you ask of Luraco, I know you do your homework.

    Luraco has an open invitation to you (and any potential customer) to come visit our production facility in Arlington, Texas to see chairs being made and to continue to give feedback on how to make our products better. I know it is a long way from Toms River, NJ but it would be worth the investment in time.


    Google Review from Jason Galu - Bayville, NJ

    A week of use and the misery of sciatica pain is behind me.

    Nick and company were helpful and informative from demonstration to delivery and set up.

    Nick personally delivered and set up my chair. Him and his crew were extremely respectful of my home, and took great care not to damage my floors, walls or belongings during delivery.

    I can't speak highly enough of this company or the product they sell. Loving the Cradle massage chair.

    I originally purchased the chair for my back pain but it has quickly become my place to unwind and escape the chaos of the day. I HIGHLY recommend MCI!

    If you're reading this Nick, thanks again.


    Google Review from Sherrie Johnson – Robbinsville, NJ

    I purchased a massage chair for my husband for Christmas from Massage Chair Inc and the entire family loves it. We received fantastic service in a timely manner. Nick was fabulous. He was respectful of our family time and our home. We couldn’t be more pleased with either the product or service. Thank you Nick!


    Google Review from JayRoams50 - Abington, PA

    It was a pleasure working with Nick.

    He made himself available anytime I wanted to try chairs.

    His delivery and set-up was a breeze.

    I'd highly recommend Massage Chair, Inc.


    Google Review from Vladimir Makovkin

    We absolutely love our “Cradle”, it works great!

    If you are in the market for a massage chair, you need to call Nick and visit his store.

    Not only he was very patient with us, but also knowledgeable, honest and helpful. Great experience!


    Google review frombrownstown23

    Nick went above and beyond what could've been expected to help pick the right chair for my needs. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and gives no pressure to make a decision.

    I look forward to dealing with him again.


    Google review from Peggy Pierson - Wall, NJ

    My husband loves his new Cradle massage chair. The buying process was easy. Nick has several models set up for you to test. Delivery less than a week later was efficient. Great customer service. Highly recommend you shop here for your massage chair.


    Google Review from Baker McColley - Toms River, NJ

    Love this chair.

    I have one in my office and use it everyday. I'm spoiled.

    I've even gone to work on my days off just to use it.

    Great customer service.


    Google review from Patty Gould - Mays Landing, NJ

    Nick was great.

    He was patient and helpful while we decided. The Cradle Massage Chair was right for us.

    Delivery and set up was a breeze.

    I'd recommend to anyone looking for a great massage chair experience.


    Facebook review from Augie Pensa - Toms River, NJ

    The Best Investment I have ever made!!! As a professional Mover, Rigger, and Trailer drive my entire life in Hudson County, NJ my back now sucks!!! Nicky delivered my chair two weeks ago, Yeah. I completely pass out in this chair, no pains, no Chiropractors and it's comfortable as my bed. Call Massage Chair, Inc. For a free Demo They will also be on the OPA Racing and The Jersey Boyz Website with specials for our racers as well as bringing a trailer load of them to the race site for everyone to test out. Great products, Thank You Nicky

    Augie Pensa is a member of the Jersey Boyz Offshore Powerboat Racing Team, and the Vice President of the Offshore Powerboat Association.


    Google review from Ken Hartman - Toms River, NJ

    Just have to say, I invited Nick to my grand opening of my business and he set up a very nice display of 2 message chairs. I had taken a chair for a test drive and fell in love with it. I then told Nick that I need to have one.

    Since Nick delivered my new massage chair, The Cradle, my back never felt better.

    I couldn't thank him enough.

    I encourage anyone with back problems to stop at his store and test drive one.

    It made a believer out of me.


    Google review from Joel Soriano - Laurel, MD

    Nick from Massage Chairs is the best when comes to customer service. Not only did he follow up on the delivery of my Massage Chair but he also made sure I had what I needed to move the chair around in my house. Very happy with my purchase.


    Google Review from DEE Hodges - Alexandria, VA

    I am so very glad I did do research on the massage chair before purchasing, as well as have an extensive test run at my doctor's office, Dr. Eric Berg in Alexandria, VA, who currently has 4 in his office for his patients. After checking with several places, I settled on Nick and I am so glad I did. I can truly appreciate his honesty and knowledge of the chair, and coupled with what I had already learned from Dr. Berg, this just felt right so we made the purchase. Now I no longer have to wait for a chair to free up at the doctor's office. I have my own! I hope anyone looking to make this very valuable purchase will give Nick a call. Thanks a lot Nick.


    Google Review from Corneliu N. – Orange, CA

    Great prices, Great customer service. Truly putting customer first. Definitely recommended.

    Response from the owner:

    Hi Corneliu, as you saw, we really do treat everyone as we like to be treated.

    I’m glad that we figured out the problem together, and again, great video work!

    Thanks for the great review too!

    Nick Fahmie – Massage Chair, Inc.


    Yelp Review from Patrick G. – Medina, Ohio

    I highly recommend Massage Chairs Inc based on my experience. Having never owned a massage chair before, I was leery at first about which one to buy. With Nick’s help I got my first chair and couldn’t be happier. As an Engineer I have a real appreciation for the quality of the Osaki chair. As a consumer, I was very happy with the price that Massage Chairs Inc provided. Everything was as described, setup was flawless and the chair has provided a measure of tranquility that I have rarely enjoyed.

    I also appreciate the follow up and communication by the team throughout the process, especially since this was an out of state transaction (site unseen)……Thanks Nick

    Note - This Yelp review was posted by Patrick, but Yelp's computer system choose to move it to a "not recommended" folder, which is viewable by the owner only.


    Google Review by Amy Lawrence – Jackson, NJ

    Very honest and dependable. Was a pleasure doing business with Nick!!

    Response from the owner: Thank you Amy, your compliments are very much appreciated.

    Nick Fahmie – Massage Chair, Inc.


    Google Review & email feedback from Sheila Wiener - Rumson, NJ

    I have an old massage chair that is on the blink.

    Nick came to my house, took a look at it and said that I should use it until it dies, then come to him for a new one. He was very nice. I would like to add to this review by saying that we finally made it over to Nick's showroom, right before Christmas.

    We tried out a lot of chairs, but the Cradle was the one we chose and it was the RIGHT choice. Nick and his assistant brought in the new chair after a few days, and assembled it upstairs. They kindly removed the old one. We were taught how to use it and everything was done properly. All of the debris was removed from my house. Nick was professional and knowledgeable, and I recommend him to anyone in the area looking for a quality massage chair. Thanks so much for everything.

    We tried out a lot of chairs, but the Cradle was the one we chose, and it was the RIGHT choice.

    The chair is wonderous! The whole family has been over more than once to treat themselves to a massage, or two or three!

    We love it!


    eBay Feedback from Nuong Pham - Louisville, Kentucky

    Mr Nick a very honest ebay seller.thank you.

    Osaki OS-4000 - Massage Chair, Inc.


    Google Review from John R. Harris – Ocean Twp., NJ

    I rarely leave reviews but we’ve been to 2 other stores that sell massage chairs and they didn’t even come close to what these people have going on. Between the things that we learned from them about sciatica, and actually finding a massage chair that worked for both my wife and me, I felt that this is the least we could do for them. Thanks again Margo and Nick. We’ll send anyone who asks.

    Response from the owner: Hi John, Honestly, we enjoy what we do, and it’s great for all of us.

    We appreciate your business, and also you taking the time to leave this review.

    Nick Fahmie – Massage Chair, Inc.

    Mar 26, 2016
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